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CareerKarma360™  Career Coaching, Employer Branding & HR Consulting Services.

We meet the needs of both the Client (employer) and the Candidate (job seeker).

We believe our name says it all;

Career = success in a profession, occupation, etc.
Karma = action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, in this life;
What goes around comes around…. and what comes around goes around.
360 = complete; all-around


A Senior Human Resource Leader had a thought (Tannen our Founder & CEO) with a vision to grow a company whose mission is to STOP the bad, cruel and demoralizing treatment of candidates.

By introducing Candidate Experience strategies she believed companies would attract, engage, hire, train and retain top talent no matter what industry they serve. With that goal in mind, CareerKarma360 was born.

Currently, 90% of applicants opt out of the application process before completion and 67% of applicants are so dissatisfied with their experience they openly encourage their social networks to boycott the brand.

That’s a PROBLEM!  Look, anyone who has ever applied for more than one job can speak to how horrible the average Candidate Experience can be. Filling out an application for 35-45 minutes, attaching a resume and cover letter hitting send to hear NOTHING in return, that’s not right.

For years thousands of candidates have fallen into the abyss called the “pool of candidates” – the big black hole – never to receive even an email.  Their resume went in and nothing came out. In today’s instant access, instant gratification, 24/7 society waiting for weeks to hear back from a company – doesn’t work and is not an acceptable way to engage your future employees and possiable your future customers.

Tannen has experience on both sides of this process. Every day she launches a new CandidateUndercover™ company review, where she goes undercover and applies, and almost every day nothing happens.  Having spent much of their career in HR/Talent Acquisition/Career Coaching she knows the enormous amount of work HR teams are responsible for and why they can not keep up. But there is hope, no something better than hope – there is a proven system that changes all this.

When the average job posting receives 50+ applications and the average recruiter is managing between 15 to 50+ job openings that is a LOT of applications to manage.  The average Recruiter works 10.5 hours per day servicing a typical Talent Acquisition process, making it near impossible to personally reach out to everyone.

The thought a recruiter could make others feel bad, sad, or just plain mad after taking the time to send a resume and cover letter makes no sense at all in today’s online socially connected world.

When you consider today’s tech savvy candidates research as many as 18 unique sources before applying for a job, doesn’t it make sense to care about how your Employer Brand is perceived?  Doing nothing and ignoring the Candidates Experience engaging with your brand, is no longer acceptable. We have a solution, and you want to know what it is – right?



Check CandidateUndercover360 for more details on how we are changing the Candidates Experience for good and assisting organizations in creating or update their Candidate Experince to attract, engage, hire, train, and retain today’s top talent.

Yes, it’s clear there is a war for talent, but the talent is also waging a war on companies who treat them poorly during the interviewing process.  This is not just the Millennial, X’ers and even some Boomers are done being forgotten right after they complete the application.

Mountains of research prove the lack of talent is not the biggest issue for companies.  While everyone else is chasing ways to source and attract more and more and even more talent to apply for their jobs, few if any, are paying ANY attention to what happens once the talent has applied and expressed interest in a company! What are you doing with the great, but Not Right Now candidates?

Employer Branding has never been more important and referrals are still one of the best ways to find top talent. Companies who have no idea what their Employer Value Proposition is and are not using it to attract today’s top talent – are losing out – big time. 89% of passively or actively seeking candidates are going to ask one very simple question – “Why would I work here?” Do you know the WHY? If not we can assist you in finding your WHY. We promise everyone has a WHY we make your WHY stand out and attract your future employees.

If they can’t find the answer within a few clicks from a mobile device, they will go to the next company who can explain the “why..”


We offer CorpRecruiting360™ services, here is how it works. Simply, we source candidates (though our Referral Partners Network), we present for your review, you interview, you hire, we all smile! We work on contingency so you only pay our fee if you hire our Candidate. Reviewing resumes – free. Interviewing great candidates – free. Hiring today’s top talent – priceless! Ok, we love that line, but its not really priceless – contact us for more information.

– we do not work with every candidate referred

– their resume, work history, and reference (understanding gaps or erratic employment)

– they are ready, willing, and able to fulfill your job requirements

– your company culture, working conditions, salary range, and benefits – (this saves time)

– if needed or required by our clients

– your hiring process, and keep the candidate informed every step of the way


Tannen Ellis-Graham Founder and CEO of CareerKarma360, a leader in Company Culture, Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition. A national referral and recruiting guru who specializes in developing and supporting talent-branding for small- to medium-sized company-clients.  Tannen works with executives, directors, hiring managers, and career coaches to create a one-of-a-kind Candidate Experience. She emphasizes, “What goes around, comes around!”  Treating candidates to exceptional hiring experiences on the short-term builds buzz about your company and creates a positive impression of your brand in the long-term.  Conversely, “What comes around, goes around” –  how you represent your company in the hiring process can either broadcast your strengths or showcase your weaknesses.

Tannen Ellis-Graham Employer Branding Guru!

Tannen is former Director of Human Resources and Director of Operations at The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, the fifth largest aquarium in the United States, and now serves on the Education STEM Advisory Committee.  She was the third employee and Director of Operations and HR for FatPipe Networks, an INC 500 Fastest Growing Tech Company.  She serves as Board Member of SLSHRM and the Workforce Readiness Committee Chair. She is also a Board Member of National Speakers Association Mountain West and is Former Chairman of the Department of Workforce Services Employers Compensation Appeals Board.

She lives near Snowbird and Alta ski resorts in Utah with her husband Tim, daughter Taitlynn, stepdaughter Julia, stepsons Ian and Theo, plus 3 cats and 2 dogs.  She loves hiking, skiing, and biking, and tries her best to golf.

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