What we know for sure!

We LOVE Employer Branding and CandidateCare360™

Candidate: a person who applies for a job – This is our WHO

Care: feel concern or interest; attach importance to something or someone! – This is our WHY

360: Complete, All Around – This is how we do it – every time!

We help uncover the Heart and Soul of your Company Culture
and bring it to life for the world to see.

Highlighting WHY your company is the right place to work! 

CareerKarma360™  & CandidateCare360

CareerKarma360™’sCandidateCare360 is a robust Employer Branding system that uses employee engagement and brand advocacy to help companies and associations distinguish themselves from everyone else.

CandidateCare360 builds Employer Brands to connect candidates (potential employees) to career opportunities inside your organization.

The Candidate Experience expands the Employer Brand to connect candidates (potential employees) to your culture, mission, vision, and your company goals. This is achieved through employer branding, talent marketing, advertising, social media, and most importantly internal communications. Our team’s expertise will cover every single touchpoint in the candidate experience cycle from attraction, engagement, employee value proposition, on-boarding and retention.

We understand the importance of a strong Employer Brand and the need for a clear Employee Value Proposition. We ensure your organization and its work culture is projected in the most desirable light possible.

94% of passive or actively seeking Candidates are more likely to apply to your company if your Employer Brand is easy to find and full of company culture information. 

HOW CandidateCare360 WORKS

  1. What IS working – and why
  2. Who are you looking to attract –and why?
  1. Current Engagement
  2. Authenticity
  3. Business and Brand Alignment
  4. Distinction
  1. What needs to be done – and who’s going to do it – we start with CEO buy-in!
  2. What you do – and how you do it – Culture defined
  1. Social and Digital
  2. Career Page
  3. Recruitment messaging – brochures
  4. Recruitment/Culture pictures and or video’s (seeing is believing)
  5. Internal Referral Program design and development
  6. External Referral Program design and development
  7. Other – Out of the Box – Cool – wish we would have thought of that ideas!
    1. Career Page with tracking metrics; Time to Hire, page visits, subscribers
    2. Recruitment strategies turn into Marketing strategies and create Raving Employer Brand Fans and even drive customers to your products!
YES that can really happen!
  1. What’s working well
  2. What’s not working so well
  3. What do the numbers show?
  4. What comes next

If Candidates could be Customers and or Customers could be Candidates – would you treat them better?

51% of all Candidates will share a Good Candidate experience on social media, and 44% will share a bad Candidate experience – who’s sharing what about your company?