A 6 point Audit of your current Employer Branding. This is the starting point, and it only gets better from here.

CEO’s, Corporate Executives, & Recruiting Authority are taking notice:

  • It’s getting harder to hire and retain top talent
  • And the Talent pool is draining (shrinking)
  • 93% of CEO’s recognized the need to change their strategy for attracting and retaining talent (but have no idea where to start)
  • 63% of CEO’s are very concerned about the availability (or really the lack of) skilled employees to fill future current and future positions

Auditing your Employer Brand is a big job, but one that you should no longer ignore. The research and assistance you need to create or update your Employer Brand and EVP (Employer Value Proposition) is what we do best – let us go undercover for you and get you the information you need. This is the first step, go on reach out we are here to help.

First a few Facts

A Harvard Business Review found 80% of all employee turn over can be attributed to poor hiring decisions

93% of ALL applicants drop out of the application process if it takes longer then 15 minutes, leaving fewer and lower quality candidates to hire from.

65% of all passive seeking Candidates will review 12-15 points about your company before applying, looking for Employer Branding information “the WHY WORK Here” – if they can not find company culture information quickly, they do not apply. 

We know Candidates are Customers and Customers are Candidates – consider this, at Zappos 78% of their Candidates are Customers, and at Starbucks, 86% of their Customers are Candidates.


Leaving nothing to chance!

Our CandidateUndercover system focuses on the Candidate Experience from attracting, sourcing, recruiting, interviewing through the offer of employment (rejection) and on boarding and everything in between.

EVEN more important; Addressing the Candidates you didn’t hire – because there are more of them and they can do more damage then you can even imagine. Consider a normal job posting attracts 25 candidates for 1 opening, this means you hire 1 and the 24 others did not obtain the outcome they wanted. 44% of the 24 candidates (10) will share socially their bad Candidate Experience and only 1 will share their good experience. The numbers don’t lie. On a good note 56% of the 24 Candidates (13) would share a great Candidates experience if they had one….

We start with a 6 point CandidateUndercover audit, reviewing your current company Candidate Experience. Evaluating the process as a Candidate (think mystery shopper and Undercover Boss rolled into one). We actually review your hiring process by applying to your company and then provide a comprehensive audit including:

  • Review of sourcing/recruiting/Job board postings (are they from the stone age?)
  • Review of all social media (as a candidate NOT a customer)
  • Review of Employer Brand/Company Culture (or lack of)
  • Review of Application process (longer then 15 minutes – you fail)
  • Review of mobile application (we already know most of you don’t but should have this)
  • Review of current Management engagement (or lack of – if you don’t like working there, why would anyone else?)
  • Review of Employer Branding messaging – Follow-up and over all Candidate Experience

Once the audit is complete, we send you the results and an action plan you can use to update your audit results. If you are not really the DIY kind, we have consulting packages for every budget.

To receive more information on the entire CandidateUndercover system.


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Disclaimer: In order for CandidateUndercover™ to obtain accurate data, please limit the number of people at your organization involved with this project.  We typically work with Founders, CEO’s, or executive level staff when going undercover to ensure confidentiality and data integrity.