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Full Circle Employer Branding

While professional and even savvy HR and talent acquisition folks agree employer branding is one of the first step in attracting and engaging today’s top talent, they often don’t have the time, budget, resources to create or launch a full Employer Branding strategy efficiently. That’s why CandidateCare360 was created.

Employer Brand Research/Analysis=360

When creating or updating an Employer Brand, research is really one of the first steps to take. Think of it as the starting point of the entire brand journey. On this journey, through a little research we will discover the KEY building blocks to create a very successful Employee Brand strategy. The data, stories, insights we compile are the foundation of your organization’s culture, reputation, rewards, opportunities, integrity, values, mission, vision, and goals. CandidateCare360 conducts a full circle marketing study observing the social behavior of internal and external influencers. We use all of this information to create your EVP – Employee Value Proposition – that’s your WHY, why work here? You and your current staff shouldn’t be the only ones who know just how great your company is – that’s why we are here, to share the greatness.

Employer Branding is much more art than science, employer research and analysis is where CandidateCare360s employer branding experts make your brand shine bright – yea just like a diamond. Funny, we find most of our clients are like diamonds in the rough, they just need a little buffing to release the shine.

It takes insight, experience, and a whole lot of creativity to turn employer brand research into noticeable business results. At CandidateCare360, we have all three and a few extra surprises.

We aren’t afraid nor should you be – to hear the truth, the whole truth, about what’s going on within your culture.  We want (no need) you to be completely honest, so we can turn negative discussions into positive opportunities. Not talking about it – doesn’t make it go away.

We want to know your business goals inside and out and analyze the data against it and create a unique Employee Brand messaging and marketing plan that resonate with your team and multiple target groups.

Though the Employee Brand research and the tools available today, it’s still only through careful reflection of objectives, timeline, and budget a functional plan emerges. Employer Brand research leads to more questions, and every question leads to new opportunities to improve the company culture and capture market share in ways never before considered.

Let us create or update your Employer Brand – It’s what really love do it!

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Architecture of an Employer Brand

CandidateCare360s branding experts have infinite years of expertise
in establishing and shaping a one of a kind (authentic) Employer Brand
just for you.

Our Employer Branding system concentrates on the most significant relationships between its most import resource – your people, the corporate brand, and its products and services. With these insights, we build the brand architecture from the employer vision to the employer value proposition (EVP) with a few fun things in-between.

If you are looking for assistance in crafting an Employer Brand system that will resonate throughout your organization and in the recruitment marketing arena – you should keep reading!

Let CandidateCare360 employer branding experts help.  Through the thoughtful examination of your company culture and or employee sourcing initiatives like college recruiting, employee engagement, recruitment advertising we’ll create an Employer Brand architecture worth talking about. Starting with the WHY – your employee vision- the reason you’re all working together, and last but not least, the EVP (employer value proposition), you’ll have your very own Employer Brand that will attract, engage, educate, and even inspire the very people you need to hire to implement your business goals.

Don’t let your Company Culture (or lack of) eat your Company Strategy for Lunch…
Get both and double your goals.

Employer Value Proposition

An EVP (employer Value Proposition is the unique set of benefits (tangible and un-tangible) or working for your organization. This is the stuff that enhances your appeal as an employer or choice who respects today’s top talent. By creating an EVP that motivates, recognizes, and honors your workforce, you will win greater visibility attracting top talent, referrals and even passively seeking candidates to notice your open positions.

The EVP (employer value proposition) is really no different from, or less important from, the consumer/product brand you present to your customers. In fact, we fill it is more important than the consumer/product brand because this what your employees experience every day, 40 hours a week for years, even decades. Crazy thing is if we treat our employee’s right, they seam to want to treat our customers right – and that my friend is the secret. Yep Happy employee’s create a company culture others want to join and get this – buy from!

Much more than marketing speak, the Employer Value Proposition may never appear in any of your digital or printed materials, but it might show up on Twitter or Facebook via your employee’s personal postings, let’s make sure they say nice things – by caring about the company culture.

The company culture is the very essence of your company and your corporate brand, mission, vision and values. It maybe articulated a little different for different audiences, geographies or channels but the essence is always the same, people want to work for a company that cares about them and in return they will care for the customer.

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Employer Brand Positioning

Rewards ~ Innovation ~ Opportunity ~ Purpose ~ Values

Positioning: Do you have a Career Page? Can Candidates find you? Will Candidates pick you? Are you contacting or more importantly communicating with Candidates as soon as they apply?

When developing your Employer Brand positioning the perception of your organization’s characteristics and image as an employer f choice is vital.

The employees and executive leaders are the most trusted sources for promoting your company to potential new hires.

Employer Brand development does not have to starting from scratch. Wither you know it or not, you already have a company culture, a vision, and values (and they’re being communicated by inside and outside sources). Your employees have already formed thoughts towards the company’s culture. Jobseekers looking into working with you already have a few preconceptions. The first step is to figure out what everyone is thinking and feeling about the culture and the Employment Brand. A huge hint… it’s not automatically what’s written on your website. (no matter how great your marketing efforts are).

The CandidateCare360 Employer Brand positioning process is a through yet thoughtful review of your employer brand as seen through the eyes of your employees, executive leadership and prospective talent (CandidateUndercover™ just to name a few).

Through the implementation (we like to host a workshop, on site and get everyone involved) of the primary research plan, we will evaluate your competitive position in the marketplace and create a unique employer brand architecture, employer value proposition and positioning platform to engaging, attract, and most importantly united with your business goals.

Employer Brand Launch

This is our Favorite Part! The Employer Brand Launch turns on all the communication tools in all the right places and starts the relationship between your organization and its current and prospective employees. And because the Employer Brand is now out there, referrals and social proof is available for everyone to see.

After the information gathering and through our interactive team events, your staff will understand and love the Employer Brand so much they will become tried and true brand ambassadors – or as we like to say Raving Brand Fans. Think of this, after the launch a group of highly engaged folks start actively promote the EVP (employer value proposition) through their own professional social networks.

5 – 4 – 3 – 2 Launch!!

Let the CandidateCare360 system facility the launch and your Employer Brand from the inside out by hosting the Launch party that boosts engagement and builds momentum.

We assist in the design and manage all the details for all types of Employer Brand Launch sessions from retreats, to webinars, videos and an intimate leadership luncheon.

CandidateCare360 doesn’t stop at just the Employer Brand architecture – Nope.

We built a one of a kind system that ensures each and every Candidate from the start of the application process until selection (or rejection) are fully engaged by the professional Employer Brand as it actively promotes your EVP (employer value proposition).

What Candidates want most is to understand the company culture, the team, the products, and as we have said before the WHY work here. We know if you let the Candidates in on your culture, benefits, values, mission and vision they are more likely to keep the interview, be excited about joining, and stay in your employment longer.

And this all starts at Hello – meaning the moment they apply, it’s like they winked at you and said “Ok company I’m interested – show me what you got!” Your Employer Brand and CandidateCare360is the solution/system to do just that.

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