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Employer Branding:

We build Employer Brands to connect potential employees (even Millennials) to your organization’s career opportunities, culture, and business goals!

Career Club 360 ™ 

Personal easy to understand Career advice from helpful, honest, career coaches- delivered weekly.

Candidate Undercover 360 ™ 

What is your Employer Brand? Let us go undercover to evaluate, understand, and enhancing your candidate experience and company culture.

Looking To Hire?

Are you frustrated trying to hire Millennial? Only to hire the wrong person? Is turnover greatly reducing profitability? Let us help.

Refer A Friend

Earn cash for your favorite charity or for yourself.


Get Career Coaching tips, tools, and tidbits to launch your career



We uncover the Heart and Soul of your Company Culture and bring it to life for the world to see



What is your Employer Value Proposition? What do candidates experience when they apply to work with you?



Our Values:

A big part of how we operate comes down to what we value. As an organization, our values are our compass for how we interact with you our Candidate customers, our Employer partners and each other. CareerKarma360 is based on the believe, that what goes around, comes around and what comes around goes around.  We believe achieving success in anything takes a team and community of people to support it.  With quality candidates, and the right companies anything is possible.

We understand Candidates

Exceptional relationships are the cornerstone of our success. And these relationships start by understanding what you are Candidates want from your next career choice.  With this knowledge, we help our candidates find their next dream job.  We walk you through our comprehensive candidate process to define what career goals are needed and what aspirations are reachable.  Armed with this information, our community of Career Search Specialists, and our Referral partners we set off to find your next dream job.  Ultimately our goal is to connect great talent with great companies and great companies with great talent. Its that Karma thing we keep talking about – What goes around comes around and what comes around goes around!

We get it Done – Differently

We recognize that delivering on our promises is critical to your personal success and the success of the organizations we represent. Our candidates are much more than a resume, and our clients are much more than just a job description.  One of our missions is to create a better candidate experience and create better experiences for the companies we represent.  And when the opportunity to innovate arises, we love to do things differently.

We take care of Each other – Referrals for eveyone

As individuals we are strong, but as a group of individuals united with a common goal, we are unstoppable.  CareerKarma360 is a support ecosystem of online professionals with a common goal of advancing the careers of everyone me meet.  We believe in the premise that many hands make light work, and are continuously working to build support bridges between people and process, because working together exponentially increasing each professionals job search effectiveness.  We put a premium on “nice” because, at the end of every day, our Candidate Customers aren’t systems or companies – they’re people, our people who know other people. We’ve built our entire company around the idea of people referring and supporting people to get things done. Think Karma….

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How It works! Our friends Jean, Mary, and John are here to explain just how simple it is to join our Referral Network and how it all works.

  • Jean knows a ton of people, both job seekers and hiring managers

  • Jean signs up as a CareerKarma360tm Partner and receives a referral link she can use to invite her friends, family, or colleges to consider CareerKarma360tm

  • Mary told Jean she was looking for a job so Jean emailed her the referral link, and Mary receives a free month long Jon Connection Club membership with Career Coaching, a list of Hot Jobs to consider, and great career advice

  • John told Jean he has a few positions to fill at his company Jean sends an email with her referral link, and John receives a discount on his first placement, his jobs are posted for all to see, and the Referrals start flowing his way

  • CareerKarma360tm places Mary in the job of her dreams, and Jean receives a Referral payout.

  • CareerKarma360tm fills one of Johns open positions, and Jean receives a Referral payout.

  • Jean decides she might want to donate half of her Referral payout and picks one of the charities CareerKarma360tm supports – and they are Happy for the donation!

  • Both Mary and John get their own Referral links, and the cycle continues

Its nutty how a simple referral could cause so much happiness. From the job seeker who finds new employment, the hiring manager who finds a great employee, to the worthy Charity who receives a donation, and the Referral Partner who started the whole thing, and get's paid.



CareerKarma360tm, is a Leader in Employer Brand and Talent Acquisition. Getting todays top talent in the door for an interview is requires so much more then just posting on the job boards. Posting on more job boards is not the answer, it only adds more candidates into an already broken funnel.

Applicants (Millennials, Xer's and even some Boomers) are engaging with your company site, your social media, your current employees looking for for your Employer Brand. If your Employer Value Proposition is not clear or easy to find, you are losing out on todays top talent.

So how does your company stand out? Or even stand a chance agents the fortune 100 company's

who are actively and aggressively growing their Employer Brands?

Our direct hire Referral Staffing Specialists division uses a unique Referral and collaborative process, working very closely with our Referral Network, executive leadership, and HR partners. We are your strategic partner offering constant communication and best practices for Talent Branding, search, negotiations, hiring and on-boarding solutions.

The Career Karma team has been providing customized Executive search for years. Our Referral Staffing Specialists utilize their extensive knowledge base, apply industry specific experience and the power of one of the largest referral networks on the planet.

We totally understand the importance of quality hiring even when it comes in volume. We have a team dedicated to vetting every Referral personally to support your hiring needs.


  • Education
  • Health
  • Accounting/Financial/Insurance
  • Property Management
  • Engineering/Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Legal
  • Call Center/Customer Service
  • Retail


  • Entry-level (3-5 years of work experience)
  • Mid-level (6-10 years of work experience)
  • Senior (11-15+ years of work experience)

Job Function:

  • Business Development
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Operations/Administrative
  • Programming
  • Engineering
  • Human Recourse
  • Call Center Management

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